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BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Enriched Cream (400ml) + BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Glycerin Soap


BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Enriched Cream (400ml)

Multimodul intense action moisturising cream is enriched with irritant free ingredients safe for most skin types. This nourishing moisturiser is perfect for dry skin, sensitive skin, or a damaged skin barrier. It is used in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne as an adjuvant to treatment and many other skin conditions. It is also stable when compounded with topical steroids, antifungals and antibacterials.


Recommended Dosage/Use:

  • Cleanse area with BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Glycerin Soap, first
  • Then, apply generously to the entire body 
  • 400g tube estimated to last 6 weeks.
  • Avoid Eye Contact.


BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Glycerin soap helps to ease symptoms of dermatitis and other skin conditions. It provides a safe and fragrance free, paraben free formulation which acts as a soap without the harmful irritants. In addition, it has postbiotics which assist in managing conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. It is safe to use from birth onwards.


Recommended Dosage/Use:

  • Shower/bathe to cleanse entire body with BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Glycerin Soap, first
  • Avoid Eye Contact.

BiomeRenew™ Body Bundle

  • BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Enriched Cream (400g) 

    BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Glycerin Soap

    Shelf- Life:

    2 years 

    Storage Condition: 

    Store below 25 C. Away from sunlight. 40-60% Relative humidity.

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