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Our innovative formula, powered by a postbiotic complex, targets surgical, burn, and post-acne scars. With anti-Collagenase, anti-Elastase, and antimicrobial properties, it reduces scar thickness, flattens appearance, and minimizes pigmentation. Experience the transformation with Biomerenew's Postbiotic Scar Treatment.

BiomeRenew™ Postbiotic Scar Treatment

  • Skin care benefits

    • Cosmetically pleasing scars post-surgery
    • Improved skin turgor
    • Anti-ageing and moisturising
    • Improved Skin appearance
    • Reduce hyperpigmentation 


    • Burn wounds
    • Surgical Scars
    • Post-acne Scars
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Stretch Marks

    Shelf- Life:

    2 years 

    Storage Condition: 

    Store below 25 C. Away from sunlight.

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